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Y-O-O-U......that spells "yes"

December 9, 2007 - Sunday

Y-O-O-U......that spells "yes"
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Ethan now not only has his own language, but he has started spelling his answers to questions with his finger in the air.

Me: Ethan, are you going to church with me today?
Ethan: I can't pick. (Understandable since you've been awake for about 45 seconds.)
Me: Okay, well let me know soon. I'm leaving in about 20 minutes.
About a minute later, he comes up to me and draws a letter in the air with his finger.
Me: Was that a yes or a no?
Ethan: That was an "m".
Me: Hmmm.....and what does that mean?
Ethan: That's an "m" for Mom!! I want to go with you, Mom!
Well, as usual, it all makes sense if you just know what was in his head!!

Later, while we were out eating lunch:
Dad: Ethan is your lunch good?
Ethan: (more invisible finger spelling.....looks like n-o-o-u)
Me: What does that mean?
Ethan: Yes! I spelled yes!
Me: And how do you spell yes?
Ethan: Y-O-O-U!!!

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Ethan: Our street is better mom, because it's shady.

(Did I mention that it's 39 degrees outside and rainy?)

Me: What is it better than?
Ethan: It's better than Nana's street because she doesn't have lots of trees. We have lots of trees to make our house shady. They'll protect us. But when a meteor comes it will smash all our trees and our house will get damaged. That will be bad.

Ethan: Mom, what animal starts with letter 's' and goes slow enough?
Me : I don't know.
Ethan: It goes really slow.
Me: A snake?
Ethan: NO!! A snail ( Duh, mom)
Ethan: This one is the hardest one of all.

What starts with letter 'z' and has not stripes and

has not black and not white?
Me: Not a zebra?
Ethan: No....a zap!
Me: (Gee, why didn't I get that one?)
Ethan: You know, like when there is a storm and

there's thunder and you can get zapped? Thats a zap.

Right, mom? That has a 'p' at the back!! Zap/clap....they RHYME!!!

Ethan: This is a funny joke:
How does the banana drive?
Me: How?
Ethan: It wiggles three bananas!! That's funny, right?

Me: Hmmmm....somehow I think the joke of the day from school

got lost in translation. :)

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