Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a 'Murner', Are You?

Yesterday, on the way to the park after school, we stopped in at the Sonic Drive In to get some 1/2 price happy hour slushies.  This particular Sonic only has one driveway going in, and I always seem to forget that and head for what I think is the 2nd driveway, but is really the place next door.  And, of course, they don't connect.  This has happened often enough that I realize it as soon as I'm just past the correct turn in spot.  So, I muttered, "Shoot.  I missed the turn again!" to myself.   In the backseat, Ethan says, "Mom!!  You're a MURNER!"

Now, I'm trying to turn left across three lanes of traffic, and I'm really not paying attention to him, but as soon as I cross over in the parking lot, I hear an echo in my head of what he had said.  Somewhat horrified, I wonder what would make my son call me a murderer.  I don't even squish spiders in the house, thanks to 15 years of brainwashing from my hubby, who can't stand to kill any living thing.  If I can't scoop it up and take it outside, (read: it's too big and scary for me to deal with...) then it gets covered by a large glass, with a book on top  to make sure it can't escape, until he gets home to deal with it.  (Spiders  are strong, you know.  It might just pick up that cup that's 100 times bigger than it's own body size, and crawl on out...LOL.  I know, I know, I'm a wuss.)  But back to the point.  Why did he just tell me I'm a murderer?

Me: What?  I'm a murderer?
E: No.  You're a MUR-ner.
Me: (Okay, well that's better, but what on earth is a murner?)  I don't know what that is... What's a MUR-ner?
E: You missed the turn.  You're a murner.  Get it?  You're a 'missed turner'.  Missed + turner = murner!
Me: Laughing.  Oh.  You're right, I guess I am a murner.  And you're pretty clever for coming up with that!
E: I know.  Are you going to tell Mrs. D. at the park about 'murner'?
Me: Yep, I'll definitely tell her about that one.

Later that night, on the way home from a Love & Logic class,  we had this conversation:
E: What class did you have to go to?
Me: It was a Love & Logic class.
E: Why did you need to go there?
Me: So I can learn to be a better mom, and teach you how to be a better kid, so you can have a better life.
E: And be a better dad when I have kids?
Me: Yes, that too, I guess.
E: (Who is only just 8...) I don't know who I'm going to marry.
Me: Well, you probably haven't even met the person  you're going to marry yet...
Nicholas: (who is 4...) I'm going to marry a TABLE!! 
That was the end of that conversation.  We were all laughing too much!

I am surely blessed with these two guys who are always making me laugh.

Dear Ethan & Nick: 
I LOVE you, 
and you're driving me 
with laughter!