Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are you eating?

I was on the computer last night when Ethan came walking in. He's chewing/sucking on something, and it's hard and clacking against his teeth.
That sounds like he's sucking on a water bottle lid...

Me: What are you eating?
Ethan: CAN- (suck/clack/suck)-DY
Me: Oh. Good.
Ethan: NOT a dead rat!
Me: Mmmm-hmm. (Not paying attention now that it's not a danger issue...)
Me: WAIT! What did you just say? Did you just say you weren't eating a dead rat?
Ethan: Yeah, because that would be disgusting, right? Yuck.

Where does this come from? I have no idea. Truly.

Today, as it's pouring rain, Ethan says: I knowed that it was going to rain today.
Me: You did?
Ethan: Yep. I knowed it yesterday, even before it started to rain!
Me: Really? (We had like a less than 20% chance for tomorrow, none for today, and it was 105 and sunny all day.) How did you know?
Ethan: My brain just knowed it. Sometimes brains do that.


Nicholas is now working hard to keep me laughing too. Besides counting all day long, and pointing out numbers and letters everywhere we go, he's into colors. So I pointed to his yellow striped shirt yesterday and asked, "What color is this?"
Nick: Dis is BOO!
Me:, this is YELLOW!
Nick: Dis is BOO!

We did this all day. I'd ask,"What color is this?"
Nick: Dis is BOO!
Me:, this is YELLOW!
Nick: Dis is BOO!

Over and over, always the same answer. (And very proud of it he was!)

Today, pointing to a BLUE shirt, I ask,
What color is this?
Nick: Big grin.....Dis is yeyow!!

I LOVE THESE BOYS! Life is never boring!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 it time for school to start yet?

So, I'm ready for school to start.
Ethan has been ready for school to start since last week.
He was begging for it.
I went to the library and got a bunch of math and reading stuff for him.
That helps a little.
We got to the pool, or to play with friends everyday.
That helps a little.
We have quiet time every after noon while Nick naps.
That helps a little.
Then, there are times like right now, where I just think, "IS IT AUGUST 25th YET?????"

Ethan, pulling out a Dublin Dr.Pepper for his afternoon treat, walks by me to go pop the top off the old fashioned glass botttle.
As he goes by he says: Ilikebasettbarryceptnotforlunch.....
Me: ???? What?
Ethan: Ilikebasketberryceptnotforlunch..... (Duh, mom!)
Me: What????????????? I still couldn't understand you!
Ethan: I.....LIKE.....BASKET....BERRY.....'CEPT.....NOT......FOR.......LUNCH!! (Jeez, mom, aren't you listening?)
Me: Uh-huh. (so I heard it right, but it wasn't supposed to make any sense?)
Ethan: Yeah, you know like basketball, but it's basketberry, 'cause they don't have basketballs, they only have berries. Just not for lunch.
Me: IS IT AUGUST 25th YET????

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Math kid.....the sequel

Well, if you know Ethan at all, you probably know that although he's only 6, he absolutely LOVES math. Loves, loves, loves it. In kindergarten last year if he started to get upset about something (like having to fingerpaint) his teacher figured out that if she pulled out something math to do he'd perk right back up. Yeah, I know. What kind of kindergartener likes to do math over fingerpainting?? MINE! :) He truly gets so excited about it. It's fun to watch.

Anyway, little brother, just turned 2 in May, is on the road to being "the sequel". Not only did he stand up last month at playgroup and count flawlessly and spontaneously from 1 to 10 in front of a bunch of moms whose jaws dropped open, but last weekend we were driving around and after Ethan counted from 1 up to 12, Nick added on to the end and yelled, "Thirteen!!!" Needless to say I was the one with my jaw hanging open after that!

Little math guy also has his shapes down already, as he was running over the colorful cut out squares, circles, and triangles at the video store. He's run full speed down the aisle and as his foot touched a shape he'd yell out the name: "Circle!! Triangle!! Square!!" and he was getting them all right too!

I guess I'll have to start calling them the "Math brothers" !!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We took a 4,000 mile road trip with Grandma and Papa in June. Just me and the boys in the backseat (unless grandma traded with me). Along the way we stayed in several hotels. At one, we were all winding down for the night. I was reading, Nick was in his crib watching a movie on my laptop, Ethan and Grandma were playing a game, and Papa was sitting at the table playing on his laptop too.

After about 10 minutes of silence, more or less, Nicholas jumps up in his crib next to Papa and yells, "Gotcha!!". And Papa just about jumped through the roof!

It was hysterical! What 2 year old plans that kind of thing? Or at least DOES that kind of thing? We were all laughing so hard that he did that and actually scared Papa!

He's definitely Ethan's little brother!

Girls don't have...

Well, I didn't post for all of June, and now my first post in July is about poop, but that's just how life goes, I guess.

Ethan is in the bathroom across from me, and he's sitting there with the door wide open while he poops. Now, the kid won't get dressed in front of anybody anymore, "Don't look at my Butthole!" he says...or "Don't look at my ding-ding (penis)", but it's okay to poop with the door open. I don't get it.

Anyway, he's trying to convince me to come in and help him wipe because his poop is gross. That's what he said. To which I replied, "ALL poop is gross. Wipe your own butt."

Ethan: MOM!!!!!!! All poop is not gross! You don't have poop because you're a girl! Girls don't have ding-dings OR butts! So you don't have poop! Duh. You don't have ding-dings or butts!!!!!