Saturday, February 7, 2009

20 random things about being sick with your kids:

1. Your 2 year old says "bwess you mommy" everytime you cough or sneeze, and it melts your heart every time.
2. While waiting for prescriptions to be filled, you round up every flavor of jello imaginable from the store shelves.
3. 'Cover your mouth when you cough' becomes your mantra.
4. While you are in the middle of saying your mantra for the 431st time, your child coughs directly in your face....for the 212th time.
5. AFTER paying in the checkout line, your sick child sees the soda case and wishes he has a Sunkist.
6. You are declared "My best mom ever" after charging $1.38 on your debit card to buy one sunkist.
7. In the waiting room at the Dr. office, you notice that although he is playing across the room with his back to you, your 2 year old only says "Bwess you mommy" when YOU cough, not when a stranger coughs. This again makes you smile in some weird way.
8. Your two year old is playing pretend. He pulls kleenex out of the box, fake sneezes, 'a-shoooo', and then hands you the 'used' kleenex. Just like real life.
9. Your older son is lamenting over all the solid food he can't keep down. "Oh, I wish I could have...." Never mind that it would make you throw up 20 minutes later.
10. Your 2 year old keeps saying, "I want to go home mommy" while standing in the middle of his own bed.
11. Your 6 year old feels sorry for you enough to turn off his PS3 game and tell you that you can watch whatever tv show you want.
12. You are thankful, sort of, to all be sick at the same time, and at least get it over with.
13. Then you find out at the Dr. that you are all sick with 2 different things, and the school age child who has already missed too much school is the only one NOT yet down with influenza. Wonderful.
14. Your six year old is dancing through the kitchen singing "I ate solid food, I ate solid food..." once he starts feeling better.
15. You spend 2 hours trying to get an ALMOST 7 year old to take 3/4 of a tsp. of yucky medicine mixed with grape soda.
16. Your 2 year old takes the same yucky medicine straight up, smacks his lips, and says, "aaaahhhh".
17. At the dr., your 2 year old becomes frozen like a statue during the exam and won't do anything the dr. asks.
18. At home, same 2 year old is now contantly sticking his fingers in his mouth far enough to gag himself and says "Say ah mommy"
19. You learn that driving 20 minutes across town to the dr. is actually faster than going to the crappy dr. 1/2 mile from your house. And better too.
20. You are so happy and thankful when everyone starts to feel/ look better you want to do the happy dance and shout, "woo-hoo!!".

Oh, and I do think we're all starting to get better. Nick seems better already thanks to Tamiflu, and Ethan's on preventive doses of Tamiflu, so we're hoping the worst is behind us.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a puppy!

We are all sick right now. All four of us are down with something, probably the flu. Not fun. Especially not fun being the sick mom to two sick kids.

But, just to keep things interesting, between bouts of crying and whining, Nick is playing pretend.

N: Look mom, check it out! I'm a puppy!
Me: You're a puppy?
N: roof, roof!! Pant, pant, pant (with tongue hanging out). Can I have a bone mommy?
Me: Here you go.
N: Fanks mommy!

He's also playing pretend sick. He walks over to the kleenex box, pulls one out, fake sneezes, and says "I sneeze mommy! A-chooo!"

This afternoon, while Nick was napping, I was hanging out on the couch with Ethan since he was home from school for day 2. I must have looked pretty bad, because he: 1. turned off his PS3 star wars game, 2. told me I could watch TV, and 3. Told me I could watch whatever I wanted, even if it wasn't cartoons! Now, that's pure 6 year old LOVE folks!

Hoping we're all back to normal sooner rather than later!