Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nick's 4th Birthday

Nick turned 4 on May 5th.  Here are a few pictures from our celebration day.
First things first, wake up and open a present!

Next, grab some donut holes and head over to Jump for Fun to celebrate with friends.

 Later, have Grandma deliver your custom order "BLUE EYEBALL" birthday cake.

Open more presents, and wear your special 4 Year Old birthday hat.

 Last but not least, family dinner at Hibachi Sushi (Samauri Bistro) with Grandma & Papa, Nana, Aunt Barbara, and Mom, Dad & Ethan.

 It's always a surprise when they light the table on fire!

Nick's favorite part?  Catching shrimp tossed through the air.  When the chef went around for a second toss, Nick was already waiting for him....

Finally, special birthday treat and a song.  Nick made one of his trademark crazy faces, and the waitress was laughing too hard to finish the song!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Three Little Pigs

Ethan had to draw and write what he would have done if he were one of the three little pigs.

Can you tell he's an eight year old boy?  I was cracking up about the fish tank full of sharks.

Menu Planning

Nick wanted chocolate milk, so after paying me in kisses, we were in the kitchen fixing some for him.

Me: Hey, Nick.  What should we make for dinner tonight?
Nick: (very seriously)  Eyeballs.  Walks off with his milk...


Friday, May 14, 2010

That's Weird

We were just driving home from Mom & Dad's in this huge downpour.  Flash flood type rainstorm, so loud that you couldn't hear anything but the rain thundering on the roof of the car. 
Nick says, "What's a sjdsofgi?"
Me: What?  Talk louder, I can't hear you over the rain.
Nick:  What's a SJDSOFGI?
Me: I still couldn't understand you.
Nick: What's a SHIRT?
Me: What's a shirt? (Really, that's what you need to know right this second?)
Nick: Yeah.
Me: ( do you answer that?) It's just a shirt.
Nick: Well, now that's weird!