Friday, November 14, 2008


Nick: Um, Mom-mom?
Me: Yes?
Nick: Meck! (saying 'milk' but pointing to the toaster)
ME: What?
Nick: Meck! (still pointing to the toaster...)
Me: You want milk?
Nick: YEA!!!!!!!! (Big grin...hands me his empty cup)
Me: (Whatever kid. Why are pointing at the toaster?) Here's your milk (pouring milk into his cup)
Nick: Meck.
Me: Do you want white milk or chocolate milk.?
Nick: JUICE!!!!!
Me: Chocolate milk it is.
Nick: JUICE!!!!
Me: Chocolate you go.
Nick: YEa!!! More....or ......wess? More.....or.....wess? More or wess. More or wess.

Now where did he learn more or less? Probably the same place he learned octogon, diamond, and quattro, cinco, seis. Gotta love NOGGIN!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's that time....

It's that time....when Nick is getting old enough that sooner or later we're going to have to potty train him. Yea! No more diapers..... Boo! Potty training is a pain in the you-know-what.

Anyway, he's gotten up a few times with a totally dry diaper, so Saturday when he got up I sat him on the potty to see if anything would happen. We've done this before, and usually it just results in him rapidly flushing the toilet over and over, or something else equally unproductive.
Well, SATURDAY, I sat him down and he just went.
Yea! Good job Nick, you're a big boy now (blah, blah, get the idea).
Sunday I sat him up there,
and he looks down and says.... "Here it comes!"
and sure enough, here comes the peepee.
Yea! Yea! Good job Nick, you're a big boy now (blah, blah, get the idea).

Did you notice I said Saturday and Sunday, and today is Thursday? Yeah. That would be because we haven't managed anything more since the weekend. I just get the pre-recorded message: "Um, Mom-mom? It's not working!"

I told you Potty training is a pain in the you-know-what!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm crying!

The other day, Ethan was out of school for early release, so we went and had lunch with Grandma and Papa. By the time we were done, we (me, Ethan, and Nick) were all tired and more than a bit grumpy. So the boys were NOT happy when we got out of the van at Grandma's and just went straight home to take naps. In fact, Nicholas was more than upset, and cried and boo-hoo-ed as loud as he could the whole way home. Which made Ethan complain that Nick CRYING was hurting his ears.

So, Nick, the little smarty pants, picks up on the word crying, and starts boo-hooing,
I'm CRYyyyyyyINGGgggggg!!!
Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, I'm Crrrryyyyyyiiiiinnnnnngggg!
I'm CRYYYYYing!!
I'm crying!

He was working it so hard, and telling us he was crying at the same time, just in case we weren't getting it. It was HILARIOUS. I went from tired and grumpy to laughing my butt off in about a half a second. And as soon as Ethan realized what Nick was saying, he was laughing hysterically too. It was sooo funny....
I'm Cccrr(sob)rrryyy(hiccup)yyYYYYiii(sob)iIIIINNNNNNNN(hiccup)GGGGGGGGGGG!!"

Well, as soon as Nick realized we were laughing at him, instead of giving in, the tears stopped. Like a water faucet being turned off. You could almost see him thinking:
Hmmm.....that's not working.
I'll try my old standby......
"I'm scared.....there's mon-hurs (monsters). I'm scared.....there's mon-hurs."

Which didn't work either, but at least he wasn't screaming anymore!

Ta da da da da DOooooo!

For a long time now, Nick has been talking well enough that we can all understand him most of the time. He won't be three until next May, but he counts forward and back ward to 13, he knows shapes like octogon, cresent, and rectangle, he flies rocket ships to outer space saying, "3-2-1-BLAST OFF! psshhhhhhhhh Look! A Planet!!"

So, he's very verbal, and I love understanding him when I couldn't understand Ethan at this age. But there is one thing that he has said for a LONG time (maybe 6 or 8 months?) that none of us could ever figure out. Whenever he didn't have something work the way he wanted, or he was mildly upset by something,
he would say, "Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!" and throw his hands up in the air.
He's still saying it.
"Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"
And we will ask, what is that? What are you trying to say?
"Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"
What do you want?"
Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"

No clue what that might mean. It's EXACTLy the same everytime though, so it must mean SOMETHING to him.

Well, at lunch the other day, the lightbulb came on (and he said it a little more clearly so that I finally GOT it!) He's saying, with his hands up in the air, "I don't know what to DO!".
As in, my crayon just dropped behind the booth seat and I can't get it out! "Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"
As in, I dropped my drink and can't reach it "Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"
As in, I can't find my binky "Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"

It is so cute and sweet now that I know what he is saying! "Ta-da-da-da-da DOooooooooo!"