Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm crying!

The other day, Ethan was out of school for early release, so we went and had lunch with Grandma and Papa. By the time we were done, we (me, Ethan, and Nick) were all tired and more than a bit grumpy. So the boys were NOT happy when we got out of the van at Grandma's and just went straight home to take naps. In fact, Nicholas was more than upset, and cried and boo-hoo-ed as loud as he could the whole way home. Which made Ethan complain that Nick CRYING was hurting his ears.

So, Nick, the little smarty pants, picks up on the word crying, and starts boo-hooing,
I'm CRYyyyyyyINGGgggggg!!!
Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, I'm Crrrryyyyyyiiiiinnnnnngggg!
I'm CRYYYYYing!!
I'm crying!

He was working it so hard, and telling us he was crying at the same time, just in case we weren't getting it. It was HILARIOUS. I went from tired and grumpy to laughing my butt off in about a half a second. And as soon as Ethan realized what Nick was saying, he was laughing hysterically too. It was sooo funny....
I'm Cccrr(sob)rrryyy(hiccup)yyYYYYiii(sob)iIIIINNNNNNNN(hiccup)GGGGGGGGGGG!!"

Well, as soon as Nick realized we were laughing at him, instead of giving in, the tears stopped. Like a water faucet being turned off. You could almost see him thinking:
Hmmm.....that's not working.
I'll try my old standby......
"I'm scared.....there's mon-hurs (monsters). I'm scared.....there's mon-hurs."

Which didn't work either, but at least he wasn't screaming anymore!

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megan said...

i'm crying... from LAUGHTER. :)