Friday, November 14, 2008


Nick: Um, Mom-mom?
Me: Yes?
Nick: Meck! (saying 'milk' but pointing to the toaster)
ME: What?
Nick: Meck! (still pointing to the toaster...)
Me: You want milk?
Nick: YEA!!!!!!!! (Big grin...hands me his empty cup)
Me: (Whatever kid. Why are pointing at the toaster?) Here's your milk (pouring milk into his cup)
Nick: Meck.
Me: Do you want white milk or chocolate milk.?
Nick: JUICE!!!!!
Me: Chocolate milk it is.
Nick: JUICE!!!!
Me: Chocolate you go.
Nick: YEa!!! More....or ......wess? More.....or.....wess? More or wess. More or wess.

Now where did he learn more or less? Probably the same place he learned octogon, diamond, and quattro, cinco, seis. Gotta love NOGGIN!

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