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Maybe you’ve had too many....

February 17, 2008 - Sunday

Maybe you’ve had too many....
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Last night, we got out the new (to us) ping pong table and got it set up for the first time. Ethan played a bit with Joe, and absolutely loves it. He's not bad, either. Just a little short for the table!

So, after dinner, I finally had a chance to play. If you ever want to laugh until your sides hurt, come and watch me play ping-pong. I LOVE it!! It's so much fun. I, however, am spectacularly HORRIBLE at it! I'm so bad I make myself laugh at me! Really, I laughed until my stomach hurt last night! Somehow, if the ball goes to my right AT ALL, there is this blindspot in my brain. I swear, there is just a hole of nothingness, and if I have to reach over there with the paddle to try and hit the ball, I am always confused. I can't tell where I need the paddle to be, I can't tell where the ball is going to be, I can't swing the paddle and try to hit the ball, I end up (EVERY darn TIME!!!) just blindly reaching out to a spot that is not even close, holding the paddle in that spot, cringing, and waiting for the ball to COME and hit the paddle. It's really funny to watch, I'm sure, because I really can't do more than that. If the balls comes in front of me, or to the left, I'm fine, and I can usually hit it (sometimes wildly into the ceiling, the light, or some other crazy spot), but at least I can usually hit it. So, it goes like this: Ping-pong-ping-pong-ping- CRINGE and let the ball go by. WHAT is up with that?

Well, Ethan, the expert advice giver, was watching Joe try to teach me how to play, and just couldn't quit talking. Mom, do this. Mom, you have to do that. Meanwhile, Joe is explaining all the 17 different rules in scoring the game, and keeps telling me that you play it like tennis. I'VE NEVER PLAYED TENNIS! Really, honey, when in the last 12 years have you ever seen me play or watch tennis? Seriously, he did a really good job explaining it to me, and being patient with having to start a new serve every 2.4 seconds, but it was REALLY hard to concentrate with Ethan yabbering away on the sidelines too. Eventually, after about a half dozen times of me just cringing and letting the ball go by to the right, I was explaining the "black hole" to Joe and laughing at myself. Ethan offered up this priceless explanation:

Ethan: Mommy I think you've had too many drinks!
Joe: Did you hear that? He said you've had too much to drink!
(We're both laughing because I really am playing as bad as if I'd had too much to drink!)
Me: Yeah, I've had too many sweet teas! LOL That's not what he said though.Say it again, Ethan.
Ethan: I said Mommy you've had too many DREAMS!! That's why you can't play so well!

So I guess that's the kid version of you've had too much to drink??


OLD MYspace comment:

How fun!! My husband is like a regular Forest Gump at Ping Pong! When he tried to teach me, he said the SAME THING about tennis. When in my life have I EVER played tennis???
I did crack up at the "black hole" in the brain. I have that too!

Posted by Christina on February 21, 2008 - Thursday at 10:51 AM

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