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6 years ago

March 6, 2008 - Thursday

6 years ago
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Yesterday was Ethan's birthday. We got up extra early and went out to breakfast before we dropped him off at school. While I was helping him get dressed, this was our conversation:

Me:Do you know what happened six years ago today?
Ethan: No.
Me: I got to be a mommy for the first time!
Ethan: (looking at me like I'm off my rocker...)
MOM!! You already AM a mommy!!
Me: Not always. Before I had you I wasn't a mommy yet, I was just a regular lady.
Ethan: Huh. (And then...)
Ooooh! I forgot-ted that.

OLD myspace comment:

Ha! that so cute. I often forgot-ted that my mom wasn't a mom at some point. so weird.

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