Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I’m making spiced cake...

March 7, 2008 - Friday

I’m making spiced cake...
Category: Life

Ethan is playing his new Ratatouille video game on his leapster.

Me: What are you doing?
Ethan: I'm making spiced cake. See? He puts it in the pan and then it's spiced cake! I like spiced cake!!
Me: You do?
Ethan: Yep!
Me: Would you like to make some spice cake for real sometime?
Ethan: Yep. I had it before. At my farm.
Me: You did?
Ethan: I didn't make spice cake at my farm. My T-REX made it! He know hows to dooz that. He makes it good.
Me: Oh.
Ethan: You know how I love tomato soup? Even my T-Rex makes tomato soup too! He makes a lot of cans of tomato soup. You know why my T-Rex makes a lot of tomato soup of tomato soup cans? Cause he has to sale it to the store! I tasted it. It was good cause my tongue was in it.

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