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Angry stomachs, ice cars, and Grandma Smithy

October 5, 2007 - Friday

Angry stomachs, ice cars, and Grandma Smithy
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"My stomach is a little bit angry. I want to stay up and play some pool."

Ethan wanted to spend the night with the cousins at Nana's tonight. At 7:45 Nana calls us and says Ethan wants to come home. Joe says, Okay, we'll come get him, put him on the phone. Ethan says, "Daddy, my stomach is a little bit angry. I want to stay up and play some pool." When I picked him up, he said "My stomach is a little bit angry because I missed you." Awwwwwww....

On the way home, out of nowhere.....

"Mom, in the winter, your car gets frozen. It freezes up just like ice, right? And you can't drive when there's ice. You have to stay home until there's not ice. Or else your car will get damaged. And the policeman's cars will get damaged too. It's not icy now. It's okay for us to drive when it's like this. And you can't go outside when there's ice because you'll hit your head and slip on the ice. You know what we need? We need an ICE CAR!!!!!!!!!! We need to go to the car selling store and get an ICE CAR!!" Me: Ethan, they don't make ice cars. You'll have to invent one and make it yourself. "Okay! I'll make a super ice car, and I'll make it so it can't slip, and it will be AWESOME!! Daddy will help me and we'll make it like dad's truck,and he'll help me paint it RED! And there's one last thing we have to put on our ice car! Lot's of ICE!!!!!! And you know what else? We need to put deshorations on the outside of it. D-d-d deshorations. Deshorations doesn't start with H, it starts with D! We need deshorations like we put on the Christmas tree for the ice car!

There was a bunch more hilarious ice car conversation, but I've already lost those brain cells...:)

Meanwhile, later on in the same drive home.............. (this is less than a 10 minute drive, by the way....)

"Mom, I miss my grandma. I miss my favorite grandma. Not the one who lives at Norman. My favorite grandma is Grandma Smithy. She's my favorite now." Ooooooookay. Who the heck is Grandma Smithy? So, I ask him. Ethan says, "You know, that other grandma. I miss her. I like when she gives me stuff. She's my favorite now." Well, who is she, and WHAT does she give you???????? "You know mom. Graaaaaaaannnnndddddddmmmmmaaaaa Smithyyyyyyyy. (Like saying it way slow and very loud will help me understand) She gives me those granny smiff apples." OH! I'm now laughing hysterically, and he doesn't think it's funny. His kindergarten class today had an apple contest and compared and tried all different kinds of apples. Ethan's favorite was Granny Smith. "Mom, stop laughing!!! Come on, stop laughing!!"


Another priceless conversation!!!

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