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Want to hear a funny joke?

January 2, 2008 Wednesday

Want to hear a funny joke?
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Ethan: Want to hear a funny joke?

How does a macaroni get out of the soup?

It boils!
(Hmmm...did you get your inspiration from the pantry where we're looking for lunch?)

See, I made you laugh Mom!! ( Yes, but not for the reason you think!)

How does a bean get stuck in your ear?
It farts! It farts up!!

(Yep, definitely looking in the pantry for inspiration!!)

Ha ha ha ha! My jokes are FUNNY! My jokes make ME laugh!!

Mom, are you writing my stuff on there?

Me: Yes, I'm writing your jokes.
Ethan: You put fart on there! F for fart!! Fart, fart, fart, fart, fart, fart, fart!!

they don't rhyme!
Fart Nut. Fart Nut!!!!

(Is it time for school to start again yet?????????)


Ethan: Mom, MOM!! MOM!!! Hurry!!!! QUICK!!!! MOM!!!
Me: (Running in to see what the EMERGENCY is...) What?
Ethan: JOE left this in here....I mean, My DAD, left this in here. (He hands me a measuring tape). Ha, I said Joe first instead of my Dad! That's what my cousins say. They call him Joe. Ha ha ha.

Right now he is in the other room playing with/screaming at Nick.
"Nick, I love you. I SAID I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU, okay?! I SAID I love you!!"
....It's hilarious. The tone of his voice is just total frustration/irritation .....not in sync with his words at all!!

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