Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If I were you.....

If I were you.....
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Well, I'll start with Nick this time......

Yesterday, we were getting ready to go pick up Ethan from school, and we were getting Nick dressed and ready to go. I had Nick up on my hip, and I was looking in the playroom for his shoes. Nick looks down, see a shoe, and looks back at me and said, "shoe, shoe mama?" I love that he's really talking now!

His other thing since this weekend is all about his new favorite show....Blue's clues.
Nick: A kwoo, a kwoo!!
Me, Daddy or Ethan: A clue?
(looking around)Way-yah?? ('Where?' in his baby boston accent)
Us: Where?
(pointing) THERE!!
Repeat endlessly all day long in between outbursts of :
kwa, kwa, kwa, kwa
(quack quack quack)
Twickle, twickle stah,
(Twinkle twinkle little star....)
how i wubba what wa wa
Twickle twickle stah!!
(Again, in the baby boston accent....)

As for Ethan...
Ethan: Mom, you're sick?
Me: Yeah. I have a cold.
Ethan: Mom, if I were you............. I wouldn't be sick!
Me: (Hmmm....yeah if it were only that easy!!)

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