Saturday, April 19, 2008

What does this spell?

February 2, 2008 - Saturday

What does this spell?
Category: Life

Ethan: Mom, what does this spell? ( EhaKLOJGLOG) I wrote this when I was four. What does it say?
Mom: I don't think it spells anything. It's just a bunch of letters.
Ethan: No, it's a word.
Me: Well, it's not an English word then. It must be an 'Ethan' word.
Ethan: Yep. That's it. I wrote it in "I-grad-ios". That's what I write in.
Me: That's your language that you write in?
Ethan: Yep. I write in "I-grad-ios". That's my language.

See, haven't I always said he has his own language? Now I'll just have to remember to call it "I-grad-ios" instead of Ethan-ese!!

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