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Why are you naked?...and other conversations with a 5 year old

November 13, 2007 - Tuesday

Why are you naked?...and other conversations with a 5 year old
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Sometimes, as a mom, if you stop to think about the words coming out of your mouth, you realize how bizarre, hilarious, and ridiculous they sound. Like what? Hmmm.....How about:
"Don't sit on the fish tank." Yep. That's a sentence only a mom would say. And yes, that's somthing I've personally said this week.

Sometimes, the crazy thing you say is a question, in which case the answer might be even stranger. How about this one, straight from the middle of my kitchen:
"WHY are you naked?" (Well, naked except for the blue dinosaur underwear...)
And the obvious answer: "Because I had to go potty and my knee hurts." Oh, well in that case it makes perfect sense for you to be streaking through the house in your underwear.

Speaking of underwear, Ethan loves it. However, JUST the underwear. The other clothes are getting continually shed and tossed about the house until he is just happily running around in his underwear. Doesn't matter who's here. He'll even answer the front door or run out in the driveway in just underwear. However, when it was 90 degrees out and he was dying from the heat at my moms, would he just jump in the pool in his underwear to swim and cool off? We were the only people there. Why not?
"Why don't you jump in and swim, Ethan?"
"People might laugh at me if I swim in just my underwear. I have to have a bathing suit." Go figure.

Here's another interesting conversation this week, as we were talking about words that start with "M" for school.
"Mom! I know an 'M' word! Mm...mmm....Marbage trash! That starts with 'm'!"
Me: "No, honey, that's Garbage trash. That's a 'g'."
Ethan: (Thinks for a few seconds...) "No. Not garbage trash. Marbage trash. Marbage trash is real. It's not made up. Marbage trash is different because it spins around." Oh, well in that case.....

And finally, on the way to the post office today, this conversation happened. I had to stop and write it down so I could get it right! :)

Silence in the truck the first few minutes, then:
*Sigh** "I miss my old duck. I love my duck. I miss him."

"I love my real duck. I really love my duck." *Sigh** "You know what his name is? GROTTO!!"
Me: "Where does he live?"
Ethan: "He lived where I live. In Nnnnnorth Texas. I really miss him.
*Sigh** He was my pet duck. He was really my favorite, and I miss him."

And no, we've never had a pet duck!


dying with laughter goodness this is greatness! :)

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megan said...

As usual i had to read this out loud to whoever is with me at time. And Aaron just informed me that I do "your part" really well. Apparently I do a really good Michelle impersonation. :)