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What doesn’t belong?

February 6, 2008 - Wednesday

What doesn’t belong?
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This afternoon I opened the dishwasher, and realized that after I ran it last night, I had started to fill it again with more dirty dishes. Yeah (Happy Dance!) That means I don't have to unload it right now! So, I start to pile in more dirty dishes, silverware, etc that those pesky dirty dish elves left all over my kitchen today. Those nasty little elves just love to visit and make a mess when I'm not looking, and to top it off, the "Dish Fairy" (you know, the one who sneaks in and DOES the dishes for you when you're not looking) well, the Dish Fairy either A) Doesn't have our new address, or B) is not legally allowed to cross state lines. I'm not sure which, but she never comes around anymore!
So, I'm loading stuff in, toss a spoon in the silverware caddy, and do a double take. Now, what doesn't belong here?

Yep, that is a full size, partially eaten carrot right along with the spoons and forks! Well, I think, how did that get there? My first thought is that I'm losing my mind again. Did I really put a CARROT in the silverware caddy? Then I think, okay, I'm really losing it. That's Baaadddd!!! WAIT! Maybe it wasn't me. But who EVER puts stuff in the dishwasher? Hmmmm.....well, let's ask anyway, on the .00008 percent chance that I'm NOT losing my mind.
Me: Ethan, did you clean up your dinner stuff last night?
Ethan: Yep!
Me: Did you put it in the sink or the dishwasher? (Please, please, please say the dishwasher, even though you've never put dirty dishes in there after dinner, EVER in your little life!)
Ethan: The dishwasher! (With a big grin like aren't you so proud of me?!!!)
Me: Hey, GREAT JOB!!! (Woo-hoo!! I'm not a total nutcase!) Way to go buddy! Thanks for helping!
Ethan: (Just smiles and goes back to playing games...)

I'll tell him when he's older about the time he put a carrot in the dishwasher and made me think I was crazy!!! :)

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