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January 2, 2008 - Wednesday

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One of Ethan's favorite games is Pictionary, but we never have enough people

around to play. We had enough people at Thanksgiving, so we played then.

Ethan had his own turns drawing, and this is what he drew for 'front row'

which honestly beat the pants off of what I tried to draw for front row!!
Front Row

It is the front row at a movie theater, complete with an emergency exit door!!

The other clue he had was "money train". I told him to draw some

money and a train. I guess money train didn't make any sense to him,

so this is what he drew:
The Mommy Train

It's a MOMMY TRAIN!! It's a mom riding a train. A Mommy Train!

I thought that was hilarious. I guess it makes more sense to a

5 year old then a money train!

Since he loves the game so much, he got a Disney Pictionary DVD game

for Christmas which we played today. Here's what he came up with:

Can you guess what it is? It's a campsite! There's Jerame (the person

with the J over their head) because Jerame goes to camp, a tent and a tree!

Here's another one:
DvD of course.
Can you guess this one?
IT's a lighthouse. The zig zags are "Stairs so you can go up to the top".

And finally:
This is what he drew for "planet". Specifically he says it's "Mars.

Mars is very very brown."

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