Tuesday, April 22, 2008


March 12, 2008 - Wednesday

Category: Life

Ethan: Even I know karate! I took karate classes and learned how.
Me: You did? When?
Ethan: Um....at my farm, my killer whale teached me. He lives under the water all the time and holds his breath. He’s even under water all night long. Then in the morning he comes up and teaches me karate! That’s how I know karate.
( a killer whale karate instructor and a t-rex chef. This is turning into the makings of a great children’s book!!)
Ethan: Mom, I don’t have my birthday present for you here. You know that guy at my farm that cooks all the time?
Me: Your t-rex?
Ethan: Yep, that’s him. He made you a chocolate teddy bear for your birthday for me, but it’s at my farm so I can’t give it to you.
Me: Oh! Thank you! I love chocolate teddy bears!!

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