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December 19, 2007 - Wednesday

Category: Life

Uncle Aaron used to turn the pictures on the walls upside down

when we were younger to see if our mom would notice.

I found this over Ethan's bed a couple of weeks ago.....
Aaron or Ethan

Ethan's class decided to give the teacher gift cards instead

of gifts this year, and the kids are all decorating their card to

hang on the giving tree in their room. Ethan decided to

MAKE her a pink Christmas tree........
Pink Christmas Tree
She should be very flattered because under normal

circumstances he wouldn't have even touched that pink paper

or those hearts!! On the back he had me write her this note:
Dear Mrs. Thompson,
I love you so much, and I love doing my work at school.

I love my schoolwork every time and I love centers everyday.

And I love cutting stuff with my work.

Then he signed it with his name and a picture of himself.

Love, Ethan
Later he added a picture of her handing him a piece

of paper for work to do ! LOL....
Letter to teacher
He's such a nice kid!

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megan said...

look at you! You are a picture posting fiend! :)
FYI- Aaron is now turning my mom's decorative items upside down all over her house. It drives her insane! And delights the heck out of me. I'll show him your picture when he gets back from playing music with his little friends.