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That’s just my pickachu....

November 9, 2007 - Friday

That’s just my pickachu....
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So Ethan walks by me this morning in the kitchen, with just his pajama bottoms on, headed into the playroom. The front of his pj bottoms are bulging out the size of a basketball. I'm used to this, although usually with a shirt and basketball, so I just say "You're silly," and let him keep going. He turns around to me and says, "look mom, I have a giant ding-ding!! Look at how big my ding ding is!!" Now that I'm laughing, he's got the attention he wanted, so he continues to explain the situation to me, as if I am completely fooled by the stuffed animal in his pants. "Mom, that's not really my ding-ding, it's just my Pickachu!! I don't really have a giant ding-ding. I'm just pretending I have a really big ding-ding!!"
No comment.
Wish I had the melody for this instead of just the lyrics!!
5 year-old coloring song
(sung in a very hoarse, raspy little voice):
"Olive green cow, olive green coowwwww, olive green coowwww, olive green coowwww, I like an olive greeen cooooowww, olivel green co-ow, olive green co-ow, olive green co-ow. Pur-ple sheepy, pur-ple sheepy, I like purple sheepys. My goats are not clean, my goats are not clean, my goats are not clee-eeen. My goats are green. B-L-A-C-K spells bla-ack. ORANGE FOR DUCKS. ORANGE FOR DUCKS. WE LIKE ORANGE. WE LIKE ORANGE. WE LIKE ORANGE FOR DUCKS. WE LIKE ORANGE, BECAUSE WE LIKE IT!!!!!!"

"Did you like that song mom? You can sing that song too. But you need to practice. I'll have to teach you. Sing after me... WE LIKE ORANGE.......DON'T YOU????"

Now this is my turkey song: "We like sepia. We like black. We like sepia. We like black. Don't you, gentlemen?"

After giving Nicholas a toy to get him to stop crying:
Me: Thank you. You're a good big brother, Ethan.
Ethan: Yep. I AM a good big brother. I'm a good big brother to grown ups too!
Me: ????????????
5 year old explains pronunciation:
"Mom, let's watch "Water Narbles"!!"
Me: "Do you mean Modern Marvels? (History channel)"
Ethan: Yes. But I like to call it Water Narbles. It's easier to say. It's too hard to say....Mmmmmmmmodern Mmmmmarvels. That's too hard. I like Water Narbles better."

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