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Pretend friends & waffle cameras

December 27, 2007 - Thursday

Pretend friends & waffle cameras
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Ethan just came to me and told me he has a pretend friend. Evidently, it's not too much fun to play Connect 4 by yourself ( I quit after 5 games) and he made up a friend to play with so he wouldn't have to play by himself.

Ethan: Mom, I have a pretend friend.
Me: You do?
Ethan: Yep. Come and see him.
Me: Okay.
Ethan: His name is Blobber. He just beated me with 4 in row.
Me: What?
Ethan: I have a pretend friend so that I can play my game. He won. I lose-ded.
See? He got four in a row this way.
Me: Oh, so you lost the game to your pretend friend?
Ethan: No, pretend friend won. I losed. High five pretend friend!!
(And he gave his pretend friend a little high five for winning the game!)

Not to be outdone by big brother, Nicholas came up with a new invention this week. He was walking around the house taking pictures........with his handy-dandy, delicious waffle camera.
Waffle Camera
Say cheese!
Ooohhh......this camera is tasty! WAIT....let me take your picture again!
Say cheese

He walked around the house for about 2 hours holding his waffle camera up to his face and saying "cheese". Then he'd take it down and point at me to take his picture, then he'd hold up the waffle camera again and say, "cheese".

Nick also held an extended telephone conversation yesterday on his sippy cup. We were driving in the truck, and daddy was on his cell phone, so Nick was too. He held the sippy cup up to his ear and said, "Alloo?". Then he continued the conversation with lots of "ah-HA! Yeah. Yeah. Ah-HA!! Yep. Alllooo?". It really sounded like he was having a conversation with someone on the other end of the sippy cup. I was laughing hysterically. And of course we didn't have the camera!!

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megan said...

oh I love my little insta-nephews! :)