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Random thoughts....

January 26, 2008 - Saturday

Random thoughts....
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Random Thoughts, by Jack Handey.
Ooops, I mean, by E.B. the 5 year old....

I figured out how to use the voice record function on my phone. (Much easier than trying to remember and write it all down!) This is what I got today:

Ethan: Mom, do you know what pet I had-ded?
Me: What pet did you have?
Ethan: I had-ded a horse! It was a baby horse, and I fed him milk! And when he got to a grown up I told him to do somefing, and he LISTENED, 'cause he didn't have anything in his ear. He had nothing.
Me: He had nothing?
Ethan: On his ear? He had nothing on his ear. (I wonder if he's thinking headphones, like the kid with headphones on who just ran out in the street in front of our truck?) He listened, and he was good. He was good to me. He was listening. And I liked him.
Me: What kind of a horse was he?
Ethan: Ummmm......I didn't know. He was a grown up horse...... I think........oh yeah, he's NOT a dino horse!!!! That would be a bad one!

ETHAN: I can't say my phone number. It's too many numbers. My phone number is:
and a 1,000- 100.
That's my phone number. I can't even...I can't even make all those numbers! And 9,000!!!! That's my last phone number.

Ethan:And, I had a baby too.
Me: You had a baby? When did you have a baby?
Ethan: (Clearly not expecting THAT question) Uh....I don't know when I had a baby. Not a baby that's REAL!!!
Me: What kind of baby then?
Ethan: (Cleverly changing the subject...) I have 2 pets. I have 3 pets. I have 3 pets.
Me: You have 3 pets?
Ethan: Yeah. I have a horse, uh..I have not a mouse....... I had-ded a cow, and .........a duck. I have a pond. For my duck! My house is far away. Far, far, far. In North Texas. **Sigh**...You know what my number on my house is? 2992.
Me: (hmm...maybe we need to work on our address and phone again!) Is that the number on your house at your farm?
Ethan: Yeah. The farm is....I have a farm in my house. Not in my house.... I have a farm at my backyard. Even I have a ocean. My yard is HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEEE. My yard is huge.
Me: Your yard is huge? ( I guess it has to be to fit an ocean in the middle of Texas!)
Ethan:Yeah! Even I made a beach.
Me: You made a beach?
Ethan: Yeah, For my killer whale! (oh course! every killer whale needs his own beach, right?) and my shark. And I have NO starfish.
Me: No starfish? (Hmm...Wonder if the starfish got voted off the island because of that show he watched yesterday where they were destroying the coral reefs?)
Ethan: And I had an octopus! I do! At my house. I'm really serious. You want to see what my back yard huge is? It's this (holding arms all the way apart) huge. It's 100 long.

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