Sunday, April 27, 2008

My latest concoction...

When I was a kid growing up, my friends and I used the bathroom in our basement to make all kinds of "concoctions". We used to mix everything under the sun together and just thought it was all so cool. I have no idea why that was such awesome fun, but it was. Anyway, tonight's dinner for E.B. brought that to mind.
Joe said, "I'll be SHOCKED if he eats that."
I said, "Watch and see!"

Okay, back up a bit and let me tell you that Ethan needed some allergy medicine because his "nose has buggers in it" which means it's running and itching and driving him crazy. Joe, however, asked him if he wanted some allergy medicine.
Joe: Want mom to mix it in some root beer for you? (He was trying to be so helpful!)
Ethan: NO!!!!!
Me: (Crap, now I can't mix it in the root beer, since he probably won't even go near a root beer now even without medicine in it!)

So, I'm starting to fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Ethan, and I think....hmmm...that allergy medicine is grape flavored. It's clear. I wonder if I can sneak it in the sandwich with the jelly? So, I did. And it worked!! At least until the liquid starting spilling over the sides of the bread, and dripping out the middle. Yeah, nothing suspicious about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is dripping clear liquid out the middle, right? I hold up the sandwich....drip drip drip. Put it down. Laugh. Listen to Joe say how disgusting that is and how crazy I am to try that.
Then I think, "What the hell." I pull out a new plate that doesn't have allergy medicine dripped all over it. Cut the sandwich into dinosaur halves. Yes, I cut his sandwiches into dinosaurs. It's a $1.50 cutter that I got at walmart that is worth it's weight in gold. They love it, even though the blobs that come out don't look like dinosaurs to me! ) Hand the dino sandwich to Ethan with a glass of milk. The result? 3 minutes empty plate! WOO-HOO!!
Me: Ethan, show daddy your plate!!
Ethan: Look dad, I ate all my dinner!
Joe: Your mom is crazy.
Me: Ethan you know what? I just gave you your allergy medicine!
Ethan: What? No you didn't.
Me: Yep. I waved my magic wand and got the medicine in you!
Ethan: That's not real.
Me: I used my magic mommy wand!
Ethan: The one that's invisible? I NEVER see that one!!!

Hey, I try really hard not to lie to my kids, but sometimes you need to keep a few secrets (for now) and use a little mommy's magic wand!

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