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My favorite Christmas morning...

December 29, 2007 - Saturday

My favorite Christmas morning...
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My favorite Christmas morning, so far, was last year. Ethan was really excited about Christmas, for the first time actually understanding and remembering what to expect. He would have been almost 5, and he was really into the whole countdown to Christmas, and writing a letter to Santa, etc. Well, we finally woke him up Christmas morning. (Yes, we have to actually wake up our boys on Christmas morning!!)

Ethan runs into the living room, sees all the presents around the tree, and is totally amazed. So, what does he do? Does he start ripping paper off his gifts? Nope. Does he tear into the gifts looking for his? No. Does he whine and complain about having to wait to open them? Nah. He runs over to the fireplace, sticks his head in, looks up the chimney, and yells "THANK YOU SANTA!!!! THANK YOU FOR MY PRESENTS!!"

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