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Raise your hands if you like fish pie.....

November 15, 2007 - Thursday

Raise your hands if you like fish pie.....
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Megan, hope this one makes ya laugh!!

Okay, so today I volunteered to help prepare for tomorrow's big 9:30 am Kindergarten Feast. Spent the whole day (all 3 hours of it) with Ethan's class, and it was a blast. His whole little table spontaneously broke out into song while doing their coloring sheets. They were all singing the different color songs...(R-E-D, Red, R-E-D, Red, I can spell red, I can spell red, Firetrucks are red, Stops signs are red, R-E-D, R-e-d.) You get the idea. I think they were all singing a different color song at the same time, and not necessarily the color they were coloring with. It was hysterically cute.

Later, another kid came up to me and sang me the song for white..... "N-W-C-E, N-W-C-E, that spells white. That spells white....". Oh my gosh it was hard to keep a straight face.

After school, Ethan told me he had the most fun with my activity (making cornbread and making real butter) because I was the best-est mommy there. Ohhhhh.....Now I feel bad that he's been driving me crazy all week!! LOL.

Okay, so on to the true Ethan moment of the day, which was, once again, in the car. Ethan, Nick and I were headed to Grandma's to visit for a few minutes. Here's how it went:
Ethan: "Raise your hands if you like fish pie."
Me: "Ethan, I don't think anybody here likes fish pie."
Ethan: "Oh. I LOVE....not fish pie. I love grape pies. Grape pies is the best. You know what grape pie doooz to you? It makes your body so tired you can sleep all day. Grape pie is the best. I don't like fish pie, I said. That's not my favorite."

Just so you know, yes, there really is grape pie. Ethan has NEVER tried one. But he's been obsessed with grape pie ever since we saw them make one on Food Network about 2 years ago. I have no idea why he's so hung up on grape pie. But ask him, next time you see him, and he'll tell you grape pies are his favorite.

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megan said...

I have a feeling that Ethan leads a double life when you're not looking. He's so random I love it!!! And yes, this did cheer me up. It also reminded me that I think your dad and I joked about grape pie on the way to your grandma's house. Ethan was in the other car at the time so that doesn't help to solve this latest Ethan-mystery (Ethanigma?).