Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I know why it rains....

March 28, 2008 - Friday

I know why it rains....
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Sometimes the best stuff comes out of Ethan’s mouth as we’re laying in bed trying to get him to go to sleep.

Ethan: Mom! I know why it rains!
Me: Why?
Ethan: (So seriously!) The clouds are crying because their mom sended them to their room and they are sad so they cry and the rain falls down.
Me: Really? It rains when the clouds are sad?
Ethan: Yeah! And when the clouds are not sad they don’t cry, and it doesn’t rain!!!

And on the Nicko side:

Yesterday I put him in the truck to pick up Ethan from school, but decided to do it without his putting on his shoes, since we were coming right back home. We get halfway down the road, and from the back seat I hear:
"Oh-Nooo! Shoe, shoe. Sock, sock."
Too funny! I can’t just hear his brain thinking, oh no! We forgot my shoes!!

Then, last night, I handed him a wipe to wash the oreos off his face, and his said his little baby "hannnnkk hooo" for Thank you and swiped his face with it! I am so loving that he is talking so much!!
His other new favorite words at the moment are Awesome! and O-kay!

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