Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I know what we can name it..

So, how do you know when you really need to step it up and lose some weight? When no less than SIX different people ask you in one week if you're planning on having a third one. Even Ethan is in on it, telling me about five times that he wishes we had lots of kids.

Me: You mean lots of brothers and sisters?
Ethan: Yeah!!! I wish we had twenty hundred kids! THAT would be AWESOME!!"
Me: (Feeling faint at just the thought!)

And later:
Ethan: Mom, mom!! I know what we can call him?
Me: Huh? Call what?
Ethan: I know what we can call HIM!!
Me: Who?
Ethan: You know, if you have another one, and it comes out of your tummy?
Me: (Like Alien?) You mean another baby?
Ethan: Yeah!! I know what we can call him. Cause we can call him anything we want, right?
Me: Yes, we could call him anything we want. (But we're not, 'cause we're DONE!!) What do you want to call it?
Ethan: Ankle-0-saur!!!!!!!!! That's would be awesome!!
Me: (Um, yeah. And that would prove my point that I'd have no brain left if I had another baby. What's your child's name, ma'am? Ankle-o-saur Acker? Um, I don't think I heard you right. Could you say that again?)

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megan said...

OH WOW!!!!!! I am cracking up so much over here. Ankle-O-Saur Acker!!! You know that could work for a girl too... I'm just saying.