Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Head, shoulders, knees & toes....

Last night I was laying in bed with Ethan, trying to get him to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so he doesn't have black eyes from being so tired.
He's fidgety,
flopping around,
kicking the covers,
drumming on his stomach,
conducting music in the air,
making weird noises, etc.

All of a sudden, he turns to me and says,
"Mom, what does shoulder mean?"

ME: This is your shoulder. (Pointing to my shoulder)

Ethan: Oh.

He then proceeds to start singing to himself:
Head.....shoulders......knees and toes....knees and toes.....

And of course he's doing the motions too, touching his head, his shoulders, etc. Except he was singing faster than he could keep up with the right motion to the right body part with the right words. IT WAS HILARIOUS. It was so hard for me to not fall off the bed laughing hysterically, but I somehow managed to keep quiet and just watch. Since I don't have a video, here's the replay:

Ethan singing slowly:
Head (touches head with right hand)
Shoulders (crosses all the way over his own body and touches the shoulder on the far side)
Knees (touches his knees)
and toes (touches his foot)
Knees (touches his knees)
and toes (touches his far shoulder)

Singing a little faster:
Head (touches head)
Shoulders (crosses all the way over his own body and touches the shoulder on the far side)
Knees ( touching knees)
and toes (touches toes)
Knees (touches shoulder)
and toes (touches head)

And faster still:
Head (head)
shoulders (Far shoulder)
Knees (knees)
and toes (toes)
Knees (shoulder)
and toes (knees)

Head (head)
knees (shoulder)
and toes (toes)
Knees (shoulder)
and toes (head)

So, he's singing head, shoulders, knees & toes, but he's TOUCHING:
head, knees, shoulder, toes, shoulder, head!!

hen he rolls over, pulls up the covers, and says,
"Mom, I know what a wedding looks like, but I've never been to a wedding."

Uh-huh. 'cause that's EXACTLY what I'd be thinking .5 seconds after I finished five verses of Head, shoulders, knees and toes!!

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megan said...

UH-MAZing. that kid is awesome. the last part freaking KILLED me.