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November 11, 2007 - Sunday

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Ethan: "MOM!!!!! There's a mosquito behind you!! No, it's a SPIDER!!! Lookout, there's a spider behind you!!"
Me: "Yep. There's a tiny spider there. Let's take him outside."
We take it outside, and go back in the house.
Ethan: "What kind of spider was that?"
Me: "I don't know, honey. Just a tiny spider."
Ethan: "I think maybe it was a grass spider." (Hmmmm...maybe because we found a grass snake yesterday?)
Ethan: "NO!! I think it was a PAPER spider!!"
( Hmmmmm....maybe because we used a piece of paper to scoop it up and take it outside? LOL)
Ethan: "Yea! It was a paper spider. That's it. You know what paper spiders eat?"
Me: "No. What do paper spiders eat?"
Ethan: "Paper spiders eat PEOPLE!!"
Me: "No, honey. Spiders don't eat people."
Ethan: "Yes. Paper spiders do. You know why they eat people? Because they think our brains are giant meatballs!!"


Oh my God! I just read all your blogs and they are hilarious!!! I have tears running down my cheecks. You have to wonder where Ethan comes up with this stuff. Thanks for the laughs!


Posted by Tara on November 12, 2007 - Monday at 8:54 PM

ROTFL too!!!

Posted by Christina on November 13, 2007 - Tuesday at 5:20 PM

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megan said...

FYI- Your Ethan blogs have been a constant source of comic releif for us over here! :)