Thursday, April 24, 2008

A picture's worth a thousand words...

Yesterday's "Nature Walk"...can't believe this is in the middle of the metroplex!

ETHAN made this with his Lego Mosaics:
(I call it Pinoccchio Penguin)
Pinocchio Penguin

and this is his other version: "Alien Penguin"

And this is Ethan playing his new, most FAVORITE game ever. Spongebob? No. Dora? No. Thomas the Train? No. Not my kid. HIS favorite game is a bunch of math problems called "Math Missions!". His teacher was cracking up that I ordered it from the bookorder and she knew he was so excited about it! (That's her solution whenever he gets upset about something. Just pull out some math and he's instantly happy!)

And finally, I didn't get a picture of this because Joe had to take the camera to work, but when Ethan pulled out his T-shirt and shorts last night to wear to school today, this is what he picked out:
On top, a LONG SLEEVE (it's 85 and MUGGY here) olive green t-shirt that is small enough that the sleeves only come to his elbows. On the bottom (this is the hysterical part) : A pair of bright green and blue PLAID BOXER SHORTS that he pulled out of his underwear drawer instead of his shorts drawer.
You know, it crossed my mind to let him wear that (at least long enough to take a picture!) but then I decided I'm not THAT mean a mommy! He's going to be humiliated enough by this blog when he's 15. I can spare him one humiliating photo. (But I still BLOGGED it!! ) LOL...


Michelle said...

I don't know why photobucket is doing that to the pinocchio one. It's been edited, but they aren't showing the changes on here....hopefully it will update sooner or later!

megan said...

so Ethan dresses like Aaron too, huh?
I have to say that I think the math thing is the weirdest thing he does. I don't get that at ALL!!!

Michelle said...

Yeah, the math thing is all from my Dad. Tomato henge, dividing by PI, all that. It's a Finley gene.