Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had to take the boys with me this afternoon to run a few errands. We had two stops to make, and it was that afternoon time when either Ethan turns into a cranky pain-in-the-rear, or Nicholas starts just randomly high pitched screeching, or on my lucky days...BOTH.

Thankfully, I guess since I was expecting the worst, everything went smoothly. Even when we had to wait in line at the tax office for the new license plates on the truck. Wow. That was NiCE! The lady even said how nice they were and gave them each a "s-u-c-k-e-r". Yes, she spelled it for me when asking if it was okay. I think I stared at her for about 10 seconds before my brain caught up with her and went, "oh, yeah! a SUCKER. They'd love one. Thanks!" Duh. I miss my brain. I truly do!

Anyway, the next stop was the movie theatre to buy summer kids passes for $5 which get you in to TEN different movies all summer. Ten movies for $5? You can't even go to one movie for $5. I had bought one for each of us, but then I was rethinking it, and so I was going back for a couple of extras for bringing someone with us. Again, things went smoothly, and we had a pleasant walk in the sunshine over to the other side of the shopping mall. It's outdoors. It's huge. But the day was really nice, and it just wasn't worth parking and carseats and all that again, so we walked.

On the way back, I overheard this lady passing us. She was talking to another lady. I don't know if it was her mother, her sister, her friend, or what. This is what she was saying:
"If I died today...."
(okay, I'm thinking, that sounds interesting...)
"If I died today the thing I would remember about you...."
(Oh, that's sweet. What would she remember?)
"If I died today, the thing I would remember about you would be that sour puckered up look on your face."
(What? Who says something like that? That's not at all where I thought she was going with that sentence!!)

Besides, if she died today, she wouldn't remember ANYTHING!! She'd be DEAD!!

Weird. Just weird.

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