Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why did the chicken....?

Ethan told me a couple of jokes yesterday. They were actually real jokes that made sense and were pretty funny. He was very proud of himself. I, of course, have mommy brain and can't remember what they were.

Just now, Ethan missed a joke on one of his kids shows, so when he came back in the room, I told him he'd missed a good joke.

Ethan: What was it?
Me: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
Ethan: Because he was dead.

I am now laughing my butt off, because when we were kids, my brother, a.k.a. Uncle Aaron, used to go around saying 'Why did the chicken cross the road?........To get DEAD!' It's a family joke now that will never be forgotten. Anytime anyone says why did the chicken cross the road? we all say: To get dead!

So, for Ethan, who doesn't know about this, to answer similarly 'Because he was dead' just cracks me up! For other Ethan/Aaron eery similarities (beside that I'm always mixing up their names!) check out this post and this post from a few months back.

Back to the real joke,
Why did the chicken cross the playground?
I tell Ethan the punchline: To get to the other SLIDE!

He looks at me like I'm stupid and says: That's not a good joke. That isn't even funny!

Can't win around here. LOL.

Ethan: Now THIS is a funny joke:
What does a bee do when he gets married?
He gots his own HONEY!!!

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Largest Mixer said...

wowwwwwwww. that is eerie!! they are so alike it's scary but I love it!!! the world needs more aarons. :)

and btw- "to get to the other slide!!" HIL- LARIOUS.