Monday, May 5, 2008

TWO years ago....

TWO years ago today, our little Nick-o joined the family!! Hooray!! So now we're officially in the 'terrible twos'. Yikes. Actually, if I remember right, the terrible twos are easy compared to the threes, so I think I'll just enjoy the calm before the storm. I can still remember being in that hospital room watching Ethan play with his "craw-craw" (crocodile) and turtle happy meal toys, and waiting, waiting, waiting....Then finally.....Nicholas Ryan Acker!! Wooo-hooo for you sweet boy!

Little Nicholas prepared for his big day today by going to bed at 1 o'clock yesterday.
Wow, you say, that's late for a one-almost-two-year old? No. I mean ONE in the AFTERNOON! That's right. He went to bed at 1pm for a nap, and woke up THE NEXT MORNING at 8 am. Now, I can't guarantee that he wasn't awake at some point in between, but he was sure asleep every time I checked in on him, and if he woke up in the night he was quiet enough that I couldn't hear it even with the baby monitor cranked up way louder than usual. Gotta get some sleep and prepare for the big day, you know. When was the last time YOU took a 19 hour nap? Yeah, me either. Sounds good though, doesn't it?

Of course, being two, he doesn't know it's his birthday, and didn't understand any of it. But he was pretty pleasantly surprised when a routine shopping trip to Albertson's netted him a donut, a Blue's Clues balloon "oh wow!" and not one but TWO large bouncy playground balls! "Oh yea! Oh boy!" Then all his friends came over to play in the backyard, we had cinco de mayo tortillas and cheese for snacks, ANOTHER nap!, and dinner with daddy and the's favorite! All that, and still the family party to come on Saturday. Grandma is making the cake of course. It's a 'surprise', since Ethan couldn't figure out what to pick for Nick to have as his cake. It's going to be cool, I'm sure!

Then at the end of the day, a card in the mail from Papa Doc made him smile one last time before bed! Open closed. Look at the rubber duck. Open it. Close it. "Cool!!" He just loved that duck on the cover! It's always the little things that they love the most! :)

Happy Birthday Nickers!

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