Monday, May 19, 2008

Ho!!! (Slap to the head!!)

Ethan is a math nut. He loves it. He's learning addition and subtraction now. He loves to throw out random questions for me and see if I can answer them. They are usually something like " What is twenty hundred plus two?" or something oddball like that. But here is what I just got quizzed on (and it impressed the heck out of him that I knew the answers so fast!)

Ethan: Mom!!! What is THREE plus TWO.... (I capitalize here because he puts heavy emphasis on this as if they are HUGE numbers....)
Me: Five
Ethan: Here's a WAY hard one. What is Three MINUS Two?
Me: One
Ethan: (Majorly impressed!): HO!! (Slaps himself in the head!)

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