Monday, May 19, 2008

Can I have a mango?

Ethan came home willingly after playing at the spray park today and took a nap! Yea! He slept peacefully next to me while I lazed around and watched a movie....I just couldn't get motivated to work outside with it being 95 degrees out. And you all know what a good housekeeper I am, so of course there wasn't any work to do inside. Yeah right. But a movie in the dark seemed much better than sweating and working around the house. I hate the heat. And I'm trying really hard to not turn the air down below 78 during the day. If I had my choice, and unlimited money to pay the electric bill, it would be about 68 in here! So I opted for a movie instead of housework. I know, I're all SHOCKED.

So, after a couple of hours of VERY peaceful napping with just an occasional snore, Ethan woke up crying. Out of nowhere.

He wakes up.

He's sobbing.

He says, "Can I have a mango or I can't??"

Me: You want a mango??????? (What??? Where the heck did that come from? Who dreams about being denied a mango???)
Ethan: (Lip quivering, still crying:) I just want a mango.
Me: You're crying because you want a mango?
Ethan: (Barely holding back the tears....little tiny SAD voice....)Yes. Just can I have a mango or I can't?
Me: We can buy one at the store next time. No problem. Were you dreaming about wanting a mango?
Ethan: No. (Still crying.... )I just want a mango!!
Me: Um....okay. Well we'll put it on our list. Does that make it better?
Ethan: (Lip quivering....trying not to cry.....saddest face you've EVER seen....:)Uh-huh.

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