Thursday, May 29, 2008

In the old, LONG, days...

One of Ethan's favorite shows is 'How It's Made' on the Science channel. He has loved this show since he was about two. I used to put it on thinking it would bore him to sleep, but instead he was fascinated by it, and starting requesting to watch it!

Just now, we were watching it, and they were showing cows getting milked, etc. I was explaining to him how farmers used to milk the cows by hand one at a time, instead of the automated way they have it now where machines do it, and the cows themselves choose when to come in to be milked.

His comment after this?
"Uh-huh. And the udders are like their ding dings, right? (His word for penis...but he was embarrassed when I said no they were boobies. Go figure....) And, Mom, you know in the old, LONG, days? Mountain Dew used to come in a huge square bottle like this! (He draws a rectangle in the air about a foot wide). It was REALLY big."

I managed to not laugh, but I did hop up to go blog it before I forgot!

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