Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking to the Future

Ethan: I'm going to build a house when I grow up!
Me: What kind?
E: Darn it.  I won't be able to show you when I get out of college because you'll be dead!
Me: (laughing) I won't be dead then.
E: Oh, well, I'll show you tomorrow.  And I'm going to grow lots of crops too.
Me: What kind of crops?
E: Like vegetable crops.
Me: What kind of vegetables?
E:  You know, tomatoes....and lettuce.... and cabbage...
Me:   (What!?  CABBAGE???? Where did that come from? We don't eat or do anything with cabbage.) 
Then Nick says:  CABBAGE?????  In  exactly the same 'what-the-heck?' tone as I'm thinking in my head.... It was priceless.

When we were done laughing, Ethan continued telling us about his future house:
And I'm going to have 'birfday' rooms.  Actually I'm going to have fourteen.  I'm going to have four birftday rooms for my children when they get born, and then the other ten rooms for the family.
And I'm going to have a moving roof that goes back.  So we can go to that room when the nights are nice and warm and just hangout.  And we'll have a front row seat for fireworks!!

Nicholas chimed in about his own future house too:   I'm going to have a rocket house!

I love to hear about their ideas of the future... It's so fun!

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