Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham...It's What's For Dinner!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
 We love Dr. Seuss at our house.  We have a whole tub full of books devoted to him on our bookshelf.  Even this blog is partly inspired by him.  (The other part of inspiration was my awesome blogging Sis-in-law!) See that quote over there on the right?  Yep...Those of the words of the man himself.  It's amazing what wonderful advice for both children and parents are in those fun little books.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so either!  Zen Mama's blog today was about Dr. Seuss and all his wonderful goodness.  Check it out for some really great book quotes, and a little background on the man who would have been 106 today!

I pulled out our box of Dr. Seuss books while the boys were at school today.  We have several, and usually read at least one at bedtime every night.  I found a previously-very-grumpy Nick happily reading them on Ethan's bed.

Ethan soon joined him and was happy exploring some of the ones that don't usually get picked for bedtime stories.
Then, it was dinnertime, and the boys decided to be brave and put "Green Eggs & Ham" on the menu.  Yes, we really had that for dinner!

They are always so happy to get to cook something together in the kitchen!
Nick declared, "I'm going to kill the eggs!" 


They worked together and took turns whisking the eggs.

Next, Ethan added the green food coloring.  He's holding it in the picture, but it doesn't show up much against his green shirt!

They whisked some more....

The finished eggs turned out a nice and somewhat pretty green.  Kind of a "Grinchy" green.  Appropriate, right?  The picture doesn't do the color justice at all.

They wanted their picture with the Grinchy Green Eggs

Nick also wanted green ham, so I smooshed some around in a baggie with the food coloring.  The result was beyond disgusting, but Nick loved it.  The green still isn't showing up enough, even in this picture!

Nick with his Green Eggs & Ham dinner

And again, about to take the first taste...

Ethan didn't want the ham.  Can you tell he's less excited about actually having to try them now?  I'm sure he's thinking, "I do not like them Sam-I-am!".  

 Nick LOVED that nasty green ham.  Go figure.

Totally fake "I'm going to try this" pose....

I'm having second thoughts about this.....

Okay, it's official.  I tried them, and I do not like Green Eggs & Ham!

Still gobbling up the green ham!  I DO so like green eggs & ham!  I like them, Sam-I-am!!

I think I might just need to search out and get the rest of the Dr. Seuss books to complete our collection!


megan said...

Best blog post EVAR! also you are the coolest mom in the world. Who actually has green eggs and ham!? So so cool.

The Johnson's said...

So precious!!! What a fun idea :) I will have to do that with my girls. They will Love it!!

Betsy (zen-mama.com) said...

Yum! Just what we had! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.