Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A milestone day

January 13th, 2010

A very important day in the life of Mr. Nick.
The day...
he learned....
to use the..... (wait for it...)


remote it worked!
Okay, now that just doesn't sound that impressive to you, maybe?  Big deal, you say?  Well, stop and think about it.  Aside from the fact that I AM EXCITED to not have stop and turn the TV on for him anymore, he's a future MAN.  Men and remotes....  like peanut butter and chocolate, right?  SO here's how it happened.  Nick comes in and asks if he can watch TV.   Sure, I say, go get mommy the remote (nothing new here).
pushed the ON button
Nick disappears, goes to look for the "car-mote" (because everything has a "ca" tacked onto the front of it, but that's another post) and then I hear, "IT WORKED!!! I pushed the ON butt-ton, and it  WORKED!!
You should have seen the excitement on his face.    You should have seen the excitement on MY face!  Now you can turn it on yourself!!  Woo-hoo...!!  

And then the realization, that, OH...My...GOSH... he can read which one is the ON button!!  WOO-HOO!!!!   Way to go Nick-O!! It really is the little things that get us moms excited.

And now I can say, when he's all grown up and channel surfing away, that THIS was the day you learned how to use the "car-mote".
oh the joy
Can't you just see him imagining all the future bliss of flipping from one football game to the next?


megan said...

ah. a whole world of awful tv has opened up before him. :) I LOVE that you documented this day!!! coolest mom EVAR.

SomeGirl said...

That's great! lol (I'm glad you're blogging again!)