Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help!!!!!!!! I'm STUCK!

"Help, mommy! I'm stuck!" 
About six months ago, this wouldn't have meant anything serious, but it is obvious that we've now got a pattern going here.  Nick has gotten some part of himself stuck in some thing at least three times.  The first, definitely the worst.  Check it out:
stuck #1
That's a piece of wood with two holes in it.  It goes to this cool wooden top that their cousin gave the boys.  So, of course, Nick sticks his finger in the smaller hole.  And it gets stuck.  "Mommy.  I'm stuck in a bwock.  Wook at "I" finger.  You get it offa me!!"
Of course his finger swelled up as soon as he tried to pull it off. We tried to get it off with some soap and water. Well, that backfired because the wood started to swell up. His finger was turning purple. Next we tried baby oil. But the wood and the finger were swollen up enough that we couldn't even rotate the block around. Can't get the baby oil between the block and his skin. It was completely stuck in place. Did I mention that this happened 30 minutes before it was time to pick Ethan up from school? No pressure there. So, we have a finger turning blue, somewhere else we need to be, and no way to fix it. We ended up calling Grandma and Papa to come help. They held him and the block still, while I used a hacksaw to gently....slowly....carefully.... cut ( Oh man, was that nervewracking!)... through the wood. Eventually we got a slice cut into it big enough to fit in the end of a screwdriver and twist the wood apart. Whew. I definitely don't want to repeat that particular experience!

Next, he got his little hand stuck in this small fabric pocket. It was just big enough for him to get his little hand into, but when he made a fist to grab whatever was in there, he couldn't get it back out. "Help mom! I'm stuck in the bwoo (blue) couch!" At least that one was any easy fix. Just had to tell him to open that hand and he was free.

Most recently, he got himself stuck again.  He can't resist any sort of daddy related tool or item left lying around the house, and here is the result.   
Do you see the roll of duct tape?  Doesn't look too bad, but he's wedged it up past his knee, so that it won't come back off.  "  I need a wit-tle help pwease...I'm stuck!"
Even he is just laughing while I'm asking, "Again??  Really?!?"  At least it came off again this time without a hacksaw.  Ahh...the joys of boys!

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SomeGirl said...

Boys! I love it... glad their was no sawing involved this time!