Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Make Sweet Tea

After two days of boys driving me crazy, the end of last night was just an amazing, fun reward for me.  Ethan had already fallen asleep on the couch, and Nick and I were in the boys room fraddling and being silly while we started to settle down for the night.  Never heard of fraddling? It's the latest hip, innovative word for showing love and spreading joy.  Check it out  here.

So, we're laying in bed, being silly, watching a Food Network show about how they make sweet tea.  I told him how they use the tea bags to make sweet tea.  And, of course, Nick says, "Those are not tea bags, those are tea BOXES!"  Well, they were... boxes of tea bags, but that led into Nick telling me how to make sweet tea.

I know how to make sweet tea mommy. You use choco-wit milk to make sweet tea!  
     You get ext-wa water and ext-wa wheels 
            and we take our heads off....
                    take our bodies off....

At this point I was practically rolling on the floor having fun with his little recipe.  Hold on!  I've got to write this down.  So I grabbed my phone and started texting it into my note app.  And what did Nick do?  He stopped, and went back the beginning.  Then he repeated, word-for-word, IN THE SAME ORDER, the same crazy recipe!

You use choco-wit milk to make sweet tea!  
You get ext-wa water and ext-wa wheels and we take our heads off....take our bodies off.  AND we take the wegs off and toes off, and den we are     go-wing to be all gone. You make sweet tea in the arms.  So you can make sweet tea . That's what you can do it. And then you're done.  You're done.  You're done, mommy!  You're just done!!!   (Evidently I type too slowly via text!)

Anyone want some sweet tea?

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SomeGirl said...

I LOVE IT!!! I love Nick's recipe, your sweet time, your use of the word "fraddling" and the promotional link! I'm glad we're blogging together! :)