Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's okay...It's Okay.....It's OKAY!!!!!

Yikes, I was grumpy in that last post wasn't I?

Well, here's a happy one to make up for it....

Those are my two cutie boys! They like to lay together in Ethan's bed at night and watch TV together for a little bit. It started out lasting a total of maybe 5 seconds, before Nick would get up and go running around. It's slowly lasting a little longer every night. They've gone for more than 1/2 hour a few times! It's so cute, and it makes them both SO happy!

So, last night they did it again, and after awhile, I went in and put Nick back in his crib so they could both go to sleep. I told Ethan I'd be back in a bit to lay with him (he's been sick...). When I do head back in there, Ethan is fast asleep already. Hooray! Now, normally, I would sneak my butt right back to my own bed, and leave him alone if I found him asleep. But, since he's been sick, I've been sleeping with him so I can help him if he needs it in the middle of the night. I won't go into TMI about why. You can probably figure it out.

Anyway, I crawl in his bed with him, and when I move the covers a little bit, he bolts up to sitting, and starts waving his arms, trying to hold me back on the bed, and yelling, "It's okay....It's Okay....It's OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!"

I guess he must have been half asleep when I put Nicko back in the crib. Ethan thought I was Nicholas, and I was trying to get out of bed! What a good big brother, right? He wakes up from a deep sleep trying to protect his little brother? What a good kid!

Here they are again (this is morning, which is why they're so awake!)Nick,ETHAN

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I don't know why photobucket is leaving it a huge size photo....hopefully they'll fix it and it will be the size I posted it in!