Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ha ha!! Now it's YOURS!!!!

We had Chinese last night. Ethan loves the fortune cookies, so at the end of the night he was stealing the leftovers and eating them for a bedtime snack. He came in with the fortune from one, and asked me:

E: Mom, does this say, "The sun is springing in may"?
Me:What? Here, let me read it. It says, "The star of riches is shining on you this month." Good try reading it yourself though!
E: Oh. What does it say again?
Me: It says, "The star of riches is shining on you this month."
E: Huh??? What star? (Trying to crane his neck around to look at his own back...) Is it really shining on me?
Me: The star of riches. Yep, it says it's really shining on you. (I'm laughing at him already... He's not happy about this star imposing on him and shining on him without his permission!!)
E: No way. (Walks out of the room...)

15 minutes later...

E: (Walking back into the room...) It's not shining on me anymore!!
I got it off of me! (He's wearing a different shirt...)
Here (hands me the fortune again....)
What does it say now?
Me: It still says, "The star of riches is shining on you this month."
E: AaaaRRRrrrGGGGGggggHHHHH!!!!!

24 hours later...

Ethan walks up to me, hands me a teeny, tiny scrap of paper folded into a million folds. It's maybe the size of an un-popped kernel of popcorn.

E: Here....this is your note....and it's not mine!! (He then sticks fingers in both ears, with this weird look on his face....He's looking at me like the coyote looks at the roadrunner when he's just given him a box full of TNT... Like the paper is going to EXPLODE when I unfold it....)

Me:What is it?
E: Just open it! (Fingers still in ears, bracing for an explosion....)
Me: (Unfolding the note....then laughing my butt off when I realize it's the same fortune from last night!)
E: HA HA!!!!! (Very sneakily Victorious!) NOW it's YOURS!~
Me: Now it's my fortune and not yours anymore? You crack me up!

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megan said...

oh my gosh, that is so weird. and wayyyyyy to funny to believe. I've never known anyone to spend that much time thinking about a fortune. But... leave it to Ethan!