Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nick's 4th Birthday

Nick turned 4 on May 5th.  Here are a few pictures from our celebration day.
First things first, wake up and open a present!

Next, grab some donut holes and head over to Jump for Fun to celebrate with friends.

 Later, have Grandma deliver your custom order "BLUE EYEBALL" birthday cake.

Open more presents, and wear your special 4 Year Old birthday hat.

 Last but not least, family dinner at Hibachi Sushi (Samauri Bistro) with Grandma & Papa, Nana, Aunt Barbara, and Mom, Dad & Ethan.

 It's always a surprise when they light the table on fire!

Nick's favorite part?  Catching shrimp tossed through the air.  When the chef went around for a second toss, Nick was already waiting for him....

Finally, special birthday treat and a song.  Nick made one of his trademark crazy faces, and the waitress was laughing too hard to finish the song!


Kiki said...

That eyeball cake is awesome!!!

SomeGirl said...

That's fun! And GREAT cake!!!