Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pause is the New Time-Out

I think we watch too much DVR'd TV.  
The boys are running around playing, and when they need to stop for a minute, (when, back in the 'old' days, we'd just say time-out) they yell, "PAUSE!!!", as if you can just pause real life, and then hit play when you're ready again. 

Sometimes, from the next room, I hear,
"Pause!! Pause, pause, pause!!!  PAUSE!!!!!" 

It's too funny.


tcrosbie1 said...

That is so funny! Remember when we used to have to wait until a commercial to go to the bathroom or go get a snack? Kids have it too easy these days. Thanks for making me laugh!


SomeGirl said...

That's funny! I don't think I would have realized it came from DVRing, but I think you're right on! lol