Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I think my three (almost four) year old is nostalgic for his "childhood".    

Whenever we go to a play area, he spends half his time climbing into and getting stuck in the high chairs.

At the park, he only wants to swing in the baby swing,  and gets stuck there too.  I usually have to ask another mom to help me get him out...not at all embarrassing.

Last week he told me he wanted to drink out of a baby bottle again... that's been gone for nearly three years.

I've also noticed him almost sucking his thumb recently.  Not quite with the thumb in the mouth, since he never was a thumb sucker,  but he's kind of pretending to...  he was a binky baby... where does that come from?

And finally, tonight at bedtime, he asked when he could have his "old" bed back.  "The big tall one that I had to climb into."  THE CRIB?  Sheesh.  You want to sleep in your baby crib again?  We got rid of that last year!  What is going on with you?

Hmmm.... What is going on with you?  Is it because you're literally right on the verge of FINALLY GIVING UP THE PULLUPS, completely?  Are you torturing me with still having to wipe poop off your butt daily because you don't want your childhood to end?  Are you that aware, at three years old, that the end of the pullups is officially the end of being a baby?

Wow.  This started out as a funny post, but now I'm a little bit mind-blown thinking about it.  Wow.

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SomeGirl said...

That's deep. You might be on to something... hmmm.